For the Republic! Oops, I mean, For Order 66 and the new Galactic Empire!!!

–Geonosis Clone Trooper, Geonosis Clone Trooper vs. Achu vs. Darth Vader's Apprentice vs. Mace Windu

Geonosis Clone Trooper is one of many Clone Troopers who fought in the Clone Wars. (How else did that war get its name, anyway?) His name is so long that it has to be reduced to GCT. Oh, and tell the Emperor that his Stormtroopers stole GCT's original design.

In Season 1 Round 1, GCT was successful in his battle with Fire-Arm, Darth Vader, and Embo, but lost to his master, three-week winner Mace Windu. In Round 2, he defeated Psyclone and Master Chen, but ultimately lost to the Ninja of Fire.

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Season 1: Surtatb2007