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NOT... ANY... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–General Crokenburg, Tee-Vee vs. General Crokenburg vs. Clouse vs. Ogel

General Crokenburg is a crocodile general from the land of Chima. He is often heard saying 'NOT... ANY... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. No one has figured out the reason for this, all that they know is that he says it at appropriate times. One civilian reported having heard him say this line after being asked, 'Do you always say 'Not any more' at appropriate times?'.

General Crokenburg has a 0-1 record in the Fighting Pyramid. He was defeated by the awesome, beloved, commited, divine, epic, fantastic, gorgeous, holy, inspiring, joyous, keen, loveable, marvelous, noble, optimistic, powerful, quotable, radiant, spectacular, truthful, ultimate, vibrant, wondrous, xenodochial, youthful, zoologically inclined Holy Being, Tee-Vee, in Tee-Vee vs. General Crokenburg vs. Clouse vs. Ogel

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