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This is a battle in Season 2.

The Announcer: Kylo Ren

The Referee: Tasu Leech

The Predictor: Captain Phasma

The Fighters:

Before the Battle Edit

Invizable: Uh oh. I think we crashed.

Awesome Guitar Solo!

??? 1: You have walked right into our trap.

Terabyte: You're outnumbered.

??? 2: How do you know?

Ogel: We don't.

Wyldstyle: Shhh! We rescued you from the dungeons and you repay us by leading us into a trap!?!?!?

Invizable: You're just like Ronin.

Awesome Guitar Solo!


Terabyte: Thanks.

??? 3: You're.... not.... welcome...

??? 4: Foiled again!

??? 5: Let's hope Tasu Leech and Kylo Ren teach the Fighting Pyramid brats a lesson...

Grundalychus: Deck the halls with praise for Ronin...

Ronin: It's a trap!

Morro: Hello. As you can see, I now work for Kylo Ren. He pays well. See you... Never!


Kylo Ren: I'm your new announcer.

Tasu Leech: I'm your referee.

Captain Phasma: And I'm your predictor.

Amset Ra: Sorry. Our old staff our coming back.

Kylo Ren: I suggest you think again.

Kylo Ren hands Amset Ra a message.

Message: Your friends have been captured by me. If you want them to survive, let my masters be the staff.

Love, Morro

Amset Ra: How sweet. I'll take the deal.

Amset Ra walks back to his office and calls someone.

Amset Ra: Is this Poe?

Poe: Yes.

Amset Ra: I have found the people you are looking for.

Poe: Great.

Amset Ra: Goodbye.

Amset Ra hangs up.

The Battle Edit

Kylo Ren: Welcome back to Amset Ra's Fighting Pyramid! In the Red Corner is Frenzy, in the Blue Corner is Darth Vader's Apprentice, in the green corner is Wyldstyle, and in the yellow corner is Maula!

Tasu Leech: Fight!

Captain Phasma: Wait! I think Maula will win!

Tasu Leech: Re-fight!

Frenzy: Hair!


Frenzy: Sorry, no can do!

Wyldstyle: Construct!

Wyldstyle makes Captain America.

Captain America: Destroy!

Wyldstyle: What!?!?!? No!!!! Construct!

Wyldstyle makes Ultron.

Captain America: Easy!

Wyldstyle: Construct!

Wyldstyle makes the Cursed Realm.


Tasu Leech: Wyldstyle and Darth Vader's Apprentice where transported to the Cursed Realm, eliminating them.

Maula: It's just you and me now, Frenzy.

Frenzy: Could I borrow the stomper?

Maula: NO.

Frenzy: Thanks!

Frenzy steals the Ice Mammoth Stomper.

Poe: Look, an AT-AT! Attack!

The Ice Mammoth Stomper falls on Maula. Frenzy, however, escapes.

Frenzy: I didn't do anything!

Audience: RONIN!

Amset Ra: Sorry guys, but he was captured too.

Tasu Leech: Maula is eliminated so Frenzy wins!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the Battle Edit



Luke: This is commander Luke Skywalker of the Resistance. Surrender at once.

Flametrooper: Okay...

Captain Phasma: Fire at will!



Poe: I suggest you think again.

Tee-Vee: Chance of First Order victory= 9999999999999999999999999 to 1.

Captain Phasma: Retreat!

The First Order Transporter runs over the camera, ending the transmission.

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