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Arrest?!?!? Are the Space Police here?!?!?!?!? I CAN'T GO BACK TO JAIL!!!!! There isn't any fun in jail!

–Frenzy, Mace Windu vs. Chewbacca vs. Frenzy vs. Crocodile Legend Beast

Frenzy is a fiendish, frenetic fraudster and common crook. He has a deep-rooted need for fun and fear of imprisonment. If you see this four armed extra-terrestrial criminal, be warned: He may try and steal anything and everything you have or do not have on you (kleptomania). Some psychologists believe he may also have schizophrenia.

Frenzy is a close companion of Squidman, a fellow convict, who gave him advice prior to his first battle. He is an enemy of Wyldstyle, whose hair he stole.

Frenzy lost to Mace Windu in his Season 1 battle by fleeing from the Fighting Pyramid after being spooked about Space Police. Everyone was very glad that he didn't win the battle and cause another embarrassment.

However, that changed in Season 2, when he defeated Lord Garmadon, as well as Captain Phasma, Fire-Arm, Darth Vader's Apprentice, his rival Wyldstyle, and Maula. But all the fun and games ended when Mottrot triumphed over him. But the party started again when he beat Mantizoid in a preliminary match, along with Electrolyzer and Pohatu. However, his party was crashed by Tee-Vee in Round 3.

Voted in by: Edit

Commandosaur (Season 1)

NexoByte (Season 2)

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