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What? This is a battle? I had no idea...

The Announcer: Caila Phoenix

The Referee: Pippin Reed

The Predictor: Hitomi

The Fighters:

Before the BattleEdit

Commander Flash is standing on top of his desk, rattling chains. He always rattles chains when he is mad.


Rose: Please, Commander, you must calm yourself. Fluminox is one of the most powereful-


DJ: But he never was your servant.

Flash: You're right... HE WAS MY SLAVE!

Hoodwink: He was?!

Flash: YES!! Anyway, I must calm myself.

Flash gets down from the desk.

Flash: Anyway, I have sent Streak to eradicate the pesky Pyramid Staff. Those nincompoops are the scourge of Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. Spike, DJ, Brawn, I want you three to watch the match and report to me what happens. Go!

They leave.

Rose: Commander, I don't want to be a princess. I want to be a-

Flash: QUIET! YOU'LL REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY! Oh dear... By now, the users will have already guessed our identies...

Rose: Sorry.

Flash: Anyway, I want you and Hoodwink to guard Amset-Ra.

Rose: Yes, Commander.

Flash: Terabyte has to win... or else...


Amset-Ra: How long have I been tied to this chair? When will help arrive? When will Nexo Knights be released?

Rose and Hoodwink enter.

Rose: You've been tied to that chair for at least two weeks, help will never arrive, and, uh, Nexo Knights, I don't know... (sweat, sweat)

Hoodwink: One month!

Amset-Ra: Two of those answers seemed negative...


Terabyte: Sorry to leave on short notice, but Commandosaur voted me in to fight Fluminox.

Dr. Inferno: That's okay. Good luck on your match!

Terabyte leaves just as Streak enters.

Streak: So we meet face to face, Pyramid Staff. Which one of you is the leader?

Dr. Inferno raises his hand.

Streak: Dr. Inferno, I presume? When I'm through with you, your new boss will be my boss.

Dr. Inferno: You'll never get away with that! Get him, everyone!

And other groups are looking for Amset-Ra...

Group A

Pharaoh Hotep: So this is Theed?

The Doctor: Indeed. We are now in the point of time shortly before the Battle of Naboo.

Jar Jar: Heyo, boyos! Issa mesa, Jar Jar Binks!

Pharaoh Hotep: I should have seen that one coming.

Jar Jar: Mesa general of Gungan Grand Army!

Jar Jar joins the army, and they leave for the Great Grassy Plains.

The Doctor: Here come the Trade Federation vehicles...

Pharaoh Hotep: What are those among them?

The Doctor: You're right, Mr. Hotep! Those are Daleks! Let's go!

Group B

Sir Fangar: Where is our glooooooorious pharaoh?

Pythor: I don't know. What I do know isssss that the Great Devourer losssssst lassssssst match.

Group C

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: My grandson? Missing?! We must find him right away!

ProMatter: Well put, great pharaoh amuntakken. let's go.

The BattleEdit

Caila: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. One of our very own Pyramid Staff members is returning for this battle. Can you guess who he is?

Audience: TEE-VEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caila: You would have Frenzy-itis if it ever existed. Nope, not him.

Terry: Terabyte?

Caila: Give the bug a prize! That's right, it's Terabyte! Tonight, you get to see a match between wisdom and genius!

Skylor: Announce the fighters already!

Caila: OK, OK! In the Red Corner is the wise Phoenix king, Fluminox!

Fluminox: In order to truly accomplish the art of fighting, one must eliminate the Pyramid Staff's computer genius.

Caila: In the Blue Corner is the world-renowned hacker, Terabyte!

Terabyte: Technically, this is an easy fight! All I have to do is hack your speech and embarass you!

Fluminox: The Phoenix king will now plan wisely, given his opponent's plan.

Terabyte: D'oh!

Hitomi: Grandpa, can I become a real Exo-Force warrior if I predict this fight?

Sensei Keiken: You already are a warrior, Hitomi.

Hitomi: Oh. Right. Well, both fighters are brilliant in their own way. I don't think Terabyte will be able to carry out his plan, and Fluminox will incinerate him. Therefore, I believe Fluminox will win.

Terabyte: Just you wait and see about that!

Hitomi: Wanna bet?

Terabyte: Um...

Caila: Pippin, do the honors.

Pippin: Brawl!


Fluminox: It is recommended that the initial move of a fighter is to charge directly at his opponent.

Terabyte: I don't think so!


Terabyte: The initial move of the Phoenix king is to perform a certain chicken dance. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fluminox: The Phoenix king is mortified.

Terabyte: And eliminated!

Fluminox: The Phoenix king does not take insults lightly. To obtain true success, the glorious form of the Phoenix king will now build his temple.


Fluminox: The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

Terabyte: I'm so sorry you decieved yourself. The light at the end of the tunnel is really my hacker beam!


Fluminox: Smart people will not hack their opponent's speech. The Phoenix king will now take to the skies.


Terabyte: Uh-oh.


Terabyte: Now look what you've done. You've fried the circuits of my mech. On the bright side, it's twenty below outside. Thanks for warming us up!

Icepaw: Ya dawg

Icebite: Rly dude

Strainor: What's their deal?

Stealthor: Thanks to that latest attack, their sppech has been perma-hacked by Terabyte.

Strainor: Oh.

Terabyte: It ain't over till it's over!

Fluminox: And it is indeed over.


Terabyte: YAAAAG!

Pippin: It looks like Fluminox is our-

Terabyte: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Pippin: HOT HOT HOT!

Fluminox: And now, if his opponents will excuse him, the Phoenix king is on his way to obtaining three wins in a row.

Terabyte: Ha! While you were busy gloating, I just rebuilt my mech!

Fluminox: Out of what? the Phoenix king asked.

Terabyte: You're right... Oh, and we already have a narrator.

Fluminox: The Phoenix king does not care. His opponent is as the ashes of a burnt tree.

Terabyte: And you are as the ashes of a-



Fluminox: The Phoenix king hates intruders.

Voom Voom: Did I come at a bad time?

Terabyte: Yes. I mean, you're just in time!

Voom Voom: For what?


Voom Voom: AAAAHHHH!


Caila: Whoa! Did you see that?! Terabyte shot down Voom Voom and he landed on Fluminox! He's down!


Caila: Um... I take back that last sentence.

Fluminox: The Phoenix king's heart burns as the sun.

Terabyte: What?! Your heart burns the sun?! Technically, that's impossible!

Fluminox: Perhaps, the Phoenix king mused, his opponent does not understand the meanings of his proverbs. Anyhow, his opponent will be eradicated in due time.

Terabyte: Fat chance!


Fluminox: How did the Phoenix king's opponent hack him without his mech?

Terabyte: Martian Madness magic.

Fluminox: That figures, the Phoenix king said.

Terabyte: Whoa, this must be the longest battle this season! Oh well, it will soon end... IN MY FAVOR!

Fluminox: The Phoenix king does not agree with his opponent.

Terabyte: Perhaps, then, you'll agree with my blaster?

Fluminox: The Phoenix king nominates the Flying Phoenix Fire Temple to agree with his opponent's blaster.

Terabyte: Ha! You just made a fool of yourself! In front of 10,000 people!

Fluminox: At least no one will see the Phoenix king blushing.

Terabyte: I need another Voom Voom...

Fluminox: Flinx, the Phoenix king's son, you will inherit all of the Phoenix king's opponent's possessions when he is defeated by the Phoenix king.

Terabyte: That's nineteen time you said "The Phoenix king"! Now I get to blast you nineteen times!


Fluminox: Ugh... The Phoenix king... is finished...

Pippin: Terabyte wins!

Terabyte: I hope I don't face Kai again...

In the stands...

Trendsetter: Shadowy helmeted figures, eh? That's, like, old-school! Those huys appeared in William Plate's novel Oranges and Peaches. Are you really, like, from that book?

DJ: No. We're from the fut-

Spike: Quiet! You'll give us away!

Hoodwink: Plus, the users might find out about us!

DJ: Oh.

Trendsetter: So you're the Angry Birds from, like, 2016?


Spike: Let's go.

After the BattleEdit

Commander Flash is playing LEGO Dimensions.

Flash: They have to return soon. It's fifteen minutes past the battle.

Streak enters.

Streak: Guess what? I beat the Pyramid Staff!

Flash: Yes!

Streak: Well, I would have, if they hadn't gotten away.

Flash: No!

Streak: Also, DJ, Hoodwink, and Spike are at the cafeteria.

Flash: No!

Streak: And DJ neaely revealed our identities.

Flash: No!

Streak: Terabyte won!

Flash: Yes!

The door breaks down, revealing Sir Fangar and Pythor!

Pythor: Where is Amsssssset-Ra?

Flash: No! I mean, hold it right there. Are you two members of the Pyramid Staff?

Pythor: Technically.

Sir Fangar: We are one of four gloooooorious groups looking for Amset-Ra.


Sir Fangar and Pythor: AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Flash: One group down, three to go.

Moments before, in Group B...

Pythor: Look, Ssssssir Fangar, there are TARDISSSSSS officcccccers going into the cafeteria.

Sir Fangar: I see them. Let's attack them!

Soon, Hoodwink, DJ, and Spike are tied up, back to back.

DJ: What was that for?!

Spike: That was nasty!

Hoodwink: I'm calling Commander Flash!

Pythor: Look who hasssss your cccccccell phone.

Hoodwink: *gulp*

Sir Fangar: You will tell us all we want to know.

Spike: Don't tell them a peep.

DJ: We won't tell you a peep!

Hoodwink: Yeah! Not a peep!

Pythor: We'll ssssssee about that...


Pythor: Well, if it isssssssssn't my old enemy Nya. Would you like to join usssssssss?

Nya: Are you part of the Pyramid Staff, too?

Sir Fangar: Yes.

Nya: I have a weapon that might be able to help you. Actually, four of them.

Pythor: Issssss it the Golden Weaponssssssss of Sssssspinjitzu?

Nya: Nope.

Sir Fangar: The gloooooorious Fang Blades!

Nya: Yes!

Group C

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: Listen, ProMatter. I just called the Aloha Team.

ProMatter: you mean the alpha team.

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: Yes. Right. Anyway, they're going to lend us their Mobile Command Center for us to use on our mission!

ProMatter: excellent!

Thirty minutes later...

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: Thanks for the MCC, Dash! Take care now! All right, ProMatter, let's go!

Soon, the Mobile Command Center is racing down the hallway.

ProMatter: look, great pharaoh, there are tardis agents in the way!


Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: It's a trap!

Admiral Ackbar: Well, duh!

Laugh track

Curtis Bolt: I just had that thing fixed!

ProMatter: we just ran over some cleverly places nails that the tardis agents placed down. what will the aloha team say.

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: Alpha Team.

ProMatter: that's all?

Rose and Brawn emerge from hiding.

Rose: Amuntakken and ProMatter, you're under arrest.

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: What for?

Rose: One, you are woeking with our enemy. Two, you were speeding down a hallway at 90 mph.

Rose handcuffs the two and drags them away. Brawn confiscates the Mobile Command Center.

Brawn: You prisoners. We get ransom money.

Great Pharaoh Amuntakken: Fat chance!

Group A

The Doctor: Well, we got our Dalek, and the Gungans won.

Pharaoh Hotep: Great. Now we have to put up with Jar Jar for a couple more decades.

The Doctor: Not if we get out of- oh, no.

Pharaoh Hotep: Those Naboo Security Officers are confiscating the TARDIS!

The Doctor: I knew we shouldn't have parked in that "No Parking" zone.

Pyramid Staff

Dr. Inferno: Sorry that we lost the fight with that TARDIS guy.

Axel: I wonder where Nya went.

Wyldstyle: Oh look! Here comes Fluminox!

Fluminox: The Phoenix king would like to join the Pyramid Staff.

Dr. Inferno: Great! Just show me your ID.

He does.

Dr. Inferno: You're in.

Ogel: Ypu won't believe this, but I saw Terabyte leaving with a TARDIS agent.

Wyldstyle: WHAT?!

Axel: WHEN?! WHO?! WHY?! WHERE?! HOW?!

Dr. Inferno: Now we know that Terabyte is a double agent. Sorry guys.

Frenzy: We need to STOP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ogel: Indeed.

Dr. Inferno: Let's go.

Things truly look hopeless for the Pyramid Staff... Tune in next battle to find out what happens next.

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