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You mean the awesome, epic, cool, spectacular, glorious, remarkable, sparkling, shocking, incredible and AWESOME Fire-Arm with an arm that shoots FIERY DEATH!!!!!!!!

–Fire-Arm, Space Villain vs. Jack Fury vs. Fire-Arm

Fire-Arm is an egotistical, self-glorifying agent of evil, who at one point was under the command of the sinister Dr. Inferno. Since then, Fire-Arm has set his sights on a far more maniacal plot: He garnered an army of Butterflies and built the dreaded Buttertron to assist him in his exploits. Unfortunately, they were all destroyed. Who knows what he'll do next!

Fire-Arm has a 1-2 record in 1st Round battles within the fighting pyramid. After beating Kai, Stealthor and No-Eyed Pete, he was overcome by the Geonosis Clone Trooper. In Round 2, Fire-Arm lost against Space Villain in a preliminary battle despite the immense strength and valour of his Butterfly Army.

Despite his butterflies, Fire-Arm lost to Frenzy in Season 2.

Voted in by: Edit

Season 1: BubbleBomber

Season 2: ArcticSeahorse

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