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Nyahahahahaha.. Let'z zee how you like LIGHTNING!

–Electrolyzer, Electrolyzer vs. Rancor vs. Pohatu vs. Craniac

It's Electrolyzer, master of lightning (Sorry, Jay), master of hovercrafts (Sorry, Infearno), and master of maniacal laughs (Sorry, Squidman)! Electrolyzer is a maniacal, crazy, and insane (Not sorry, Frenzy) former electrician who is one of the Ultra Agents' enemies. He is capable of striking his foes with lightning, as well as drop EMP bombs on everything. (Talk about time machines!)

Electrolyzer has one win in the Fighting Pyramid so far, defeating Invizable, Crystal Reaper Driver, and Master Chen in Season 2, but his plan to take another win backfired, courtesy of Pohatu. Advancing to Round 2, he took care of Unidracow, Ronin, and Mottrot. However, Frenzy proved to be even more maniacal than Electrolyzer was in the Round 2 Finals, and so he was eliminated from the season.

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