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MWAHAHAHAHA! I am Dr. Inferno, evil mastermind behind the total domination of LEGO, and today, I have hacked onto this page! I will now proceed to tell you about myself.

I am incredibly awesome. Anyone would agree, and not just because I'd kill them if they didn't. Not only am I incredibly awesome, but I am outstandingly stylish. Take one look at my hair and you'll have to agree, not just because you're tied to a stake over a pool of lava but because it's true. Flames and black is totally in right now.

I can do any job. Seriously, anything. Example: In Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid, I was the very first announcer. Then some stuck-up cool kid named Invizable shows up and steals my thunder. But no worries, because then I become the Referee! Except Vizzie steals that too. Since then, I've filled in for other jobs when need be, but my main occupation is my wonderful, totally unbiased interview station. Wonderful!

What's that? You don't think I'm evil enough? Well then why'd they let me onto the Council Of Villanous Evildoers? Didn't think of that, did you? I'll throw you into the shark pool for that!

I finally made it to the ring in Season 2, but I was trampled by some guy named Mottrot. Mark down these words: I'll be back!

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