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Ah, so this is one of those so-called "battles," eh! Well, let's see what's in it.

The Announcer: Caila Phoenix

The Referee: Pippin Reed

The Predictor: Sibress

Bee - e + Foreman - man; They - y; Bat + t + let's - t's

Toxikita is sitting in front of a TV, playing LEGO Dimensions. Commander Flash is reading Better Bricks and Gardens. Suddenly, loud music erupts from the other room.

Toxikita: Someone tell that guy to turn down his music!

Flash: DJ, turn down your music. We can hardly hear ourselves think!

DJ: (from the other room) WHAT?!

Flash: You heard me.

DJ: (from the other room) OH, ALL RIGHT.

DJ turns down the music and enters. He is yet another shadowy helmeted figure.

Flash: When are Streak and Rose due to arrive?

DJ: Hmm, let's see… They will arrive in a few minutes.

Flash: I can hardly wait to hear the results of the last battle.

Toxikita: I beat Hikaru and Alien.

Flash: Much to Punctuation Penguin's and Commandosaur's dismay, and BubbleBomber's and our delight! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! Do you know what this means, Toxikita? You are now a Round 3 qualifier!

Rose and Streak arrive.

Streak: Toxikita won the-

Flash: Yes, I know. Toxikita here told me. Oh, and that UFO worked like a charm!

Rose: I'm glad to hear that.

Flash: So, Spike, who's fighting today?

Spike: A Dalek and the Great Devourer.

Flash: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! The choice is obvious. (motioning to a giant shadowy helmeted figure) Brawn, guard Amset-Ra. Spike, Streak, seek and destroy the Pyramid Staff.

Streak: It would be a pleasure, Commander.

Streak and Spike leave.


Wyldstyle: I'm glad we also brought Terabyte and Frenzy with us.

Terabyte: Technically, we joined you today.

Dr. Inferno: What's that door say? UFO?

Ogel: Could it be Unidentified Flying Object?

Axel: Or maybe Uranium Freeze Orb?

Frenzy: No, it has to be U Flip Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Inferno: Well, never mind it for now. We have to find Amset-Ra.


The Doctor: Pharaoh Hotep, I gained some information on this match. It appears that The Great Devourer is fighting my enemy, a Dalek.

Pharaoh Hotep: Interesting. Oh look, there's a door!

The Doctor: UFO? Sureely it has to be Unidentified Flying Object?

Pharaoh Hotep: Maybe. Probably. Well, we need to find my son.

The Doctor: We can solve the UFO mystery later.

There - re; Bat + t + LEGO - go


Dalek - EXTERMINATE. (What else did you expect this to say?)

The Great Devourer

Pythor - I would tell you to run, but it's more fun to watch him eat you.

Caila: Welcome to Skylor's Fighting Shack!

Skylor: Dad lent me some money for it.

Master Chen: And I expect you to pay it back when you're done.

Skylor: Yes, Dad.

Caila: In the Red Corner is one of the Doctor's enemies, a Dalek!


Caila: And in the Blue Corner is Pythor's Great Devourer.

Pythor: Do not fail me, okay?

Great Devourer: Aaahhh, it's great to be back. I had not fought here sssssinccccce the promosssss.

Caila: And now Sibress will make her prediction.

Flinx: Isn't it strange that although Sir Fangar has a British accent, Sibress has a Russian accent?

Sir Fangar: And it's a glooooorious one, too. Wait, how did you eacape from my gloooooorious collection?!

Flinx: Eep!

Sibress: It iss an obvious choice. Dalek iss a robot; The Great Devourer iss a giant snake. So I sink zat the Great Devourer will win.


Sir Fangar: Please! You'll make Punctuation Penguin cranky!

Sibress: Whatever.

Caila: Pippin!


Caila: Oh that's right, Pippin went off to party with the other adventurers. Li'ella?

Li'ella: Alrighty, y'all, it's time to have a little old brawl!


Great Devourer: How pitiful. A robot thinksssss he can take down the Great Devourer? Laughable. Do you know how much you look like an AAT?



Great Devourer: It isssss going to take a lot more than that to ssssstop me, fool.


Great Devourer: Sssssssurrender issssss not in my dictionary.



Great Devourer: How pitiful. I thought you had learned your lessssson by now. Oh well, it'sssss time to make my move.



Great Devourer: Oh, that takesssssss the cake!




Great Devourer: Bon appetit!


Li'ella: Looks like Great Devourer is our little old winner today!

Great Devourer: I intend to ssssstay on top.

Al the Barber: May I interest you in a 50% off haircut, Mr. Chumsworth?

Pythor: I do not posssssesssss hair.

Morro: But I do. In more ways than one.

Aftermath - math; Theodore - odore; Bat + t + Leg - g

Streak enters Commander Flash's office. Flash is trying to solve a Rubiks Pyramid.

Streak: Great Devourer won the battle!

Flash: Excellent. I need to concentrate here.

Streak: I'll leave.

Streak goes to the back room. There, in the back room, are Spike, Rose, DJ, and Brawn.

Brawn: Some kid came.

Rose: A shadowy youngster joined our motley crew team today.

Streak: What is his name?

DJ: Hoodwink!

Spike: So let me guess... Dalek won?

Streak: No... He was exterminated.

Brawn: What happen to translator?

Streak: The Great Devourer put it to work. Also Morro is possessing Al the Barber's hair.

Rose: That's not nice.

Spike: I think we can use the Great Devourer.

DJ: Me too!

Streak: So, can we bring in Hoodwink?

DJ: Bring in Hoodwink!

Hoodwink enters.

Hoodwink: Uh... hey guys.

Rose: Isn't he a little young?

DJ: Yeah, but he'll do fine.

Hoodwink: So, what do I do?

Streak: You'll need to talk The Great Devourer into joining us.

Hoodwink: You m-m-mean, me g-going n-n-n-near that s-s-snake?

Brawn: Bingo.

Hoodwink: Um... All right...

In The Great Devourer's locker room...

Great Devourer: Ha! You, a little kid, want me to join your team?

Hoodwink: Well, I'm not the leader.

Great Devourer: Then who isssss?

Hoodwink: A magical guy named Commander Flash. He can float without legs!

Great Devourer: Laughable. I will consssssider it.

Later, in Commander Flash's office...

Hoodwink: He says he will consider it.

Flash: No! I need him now. I'll go do it myself. You did well for a beginner.

Commander Flash leaves.


Nya: I heard voices on the other side of the wall! They were talking about an unstoppable fried orangutan!

Dr. Inferno: They're crazy.

Terabyte: Wait a minute... Unstoppable fried orangutan... That's UFO!

Everyone gasps.

Frenzy: What is there TEAM CALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nya: I believe it's the TARDIS.

Wyldstyle: Not The Doctor's time-travelling police box!

Nya: Not The Doctor's time-travelling police box.

Dr. Inferno: I wonder if the users have guessed their identities yet...


The Doctor: See here, Mr. Hotep, I drew a map of Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. We are here. (points to a location on the map) We have been hearing voices here. (points to another location) Therefore, your son must be here. (points to another location)

Pharaoh Hotep: So how do we get to him?

The Doctor: We need to find a Dalek and make it explode on this wall. (poimts to a location)

Pharaoh Hotep: Where in the world are we going to find a Dalek?

The Doctor: We can time-travel. Quickly, follow me into my police box!

Pharaoh Hotep: I thought that only one could fit in there.

The Doctor: I modified it. In you go!

They both get inside.

The Doctor: All right, I'll set the coordinates. Naboo, 2002. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Here we go!


End Transmission.

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