This fighter lacks a quote or a link to the battle it is from.
Marangue Marangue!

–Crocodile Legend Beast, Mace Windu vs. Chewbacca vs. Frenzy vs. Crocodile Legend Beast

The Crocodile Legend Beast does not speak English. The only words he says are Marangue, and Marangue. It is strange how he got this word into his vocabulary, as the correct spelling is M-E-R-I-N-G-U-E. When asked how he got this word into his vocabulary, he simply responds with 'Marangue Marangue.'

Crocodile Legend Beast has a 0-1 record in Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid. He lost a battle against Mace Windu. He was the third fighter to go out in his battle.

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