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What is this? I know. A battle? Why would you think that?

The Anouncer: Dogshanks

The Referee: Darkseid

The Predictor: Gorilla Grodd

Before the Battle Edit

Core Hunter

Core Hunter - Six eyes, do ya say?


Coelophysis - See? It's low and feisty. See-low-feistiest!

Merlok 2.0

Merlok 2.0 - Magic! Magic! Magic! Oh look, a new phone!


Amset Ra: Yippee! It's revenge day.

Who should I blow up today?

Anubis Guard: Queen Hippopotomas has built a replacement vacation hive on J-16.

Amset Ra: Time to blow it up.


???: Nothing will stand in our way.

General Hux: Do not let your personal interest stand in the way of-

???: You are dismissed.

Genral Hux: Whoa!

???: Bring me Lord Ra. I will give you a pay raise.

FN-2003: Here you go, sir.

???: Here is your .5% pay raise.

The Battle Edit

Dogshanks: Welcome to the Fighting Pyramid.

March music plays.

VCE: All hail Commander Darkseid!

Darth Vader March music plays.

Stormtroopers: All hail Lord Vader!

Darth Vader steps into the arena.

George Lucas: Uh Darth?

Darth Vader: Yeah?

George Lucas: You're not in this scene.

Darth Vader: But my music is playing!

George Lucas: Are you hungry? Do you want a donut?

Darth Vader: Cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie.

George Lucas: Could someone get Darth a cookie?

Dogshanks: In the red corner is-


The Death Star lll sends a blast at Middleofnowhere, destroying it.

Everybody: Whoa!

Half of the audience lands on the SHEILD Helicarrier.

Gorilla Grodd: I predict Merlok 2.0 will win, as he is the former head of TARDIS.

Darkseid: Fight! Win! Destroy!

Nick Fury: Please. The Helicarrier was just remodeled.

Darkseid: As you wish.

Nick Fury: Whoa!

Darkseid: Do you beleive you can fly now? Hahahahaha.

Coelophysis: ...

Darkseid: Whoa!

Merlok: It is time for a NEXO scan, to do a little bam-


Core Hunter: Haha, 'e missed me, now 'e gotta got-


Ceolophysis: ...

Darth Vader's Apprentice: Force choke!

Merlok: Time for a NEXO scan, yes, yes, Sam I Am.

Announcer: NEXO Power: Green Eggs and Ham!

Coelophysis: Grrr...


Darkseid: Core Hunter is eliminated!

Merlok 2.0: TARDIS! Attack!

Macy: We have two of the users.

TheAnonymousA: Let us go!

ArcticSeahorse: Yeah!

Merlok 2.0: Never!

Other 4 Users: H4X!

Merlok 2.0: OklGYntujGfWERS!

Coelophysis: ...

Dogshanks: The dreaded Ceolophysis destroyed Merlok 2.0's memory chip after the users hacked into the wizard.

Darkseid: Merlok 2.0 is eliminated.

Ava Prentiss: Good thing I have a 3.0, then.

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Is that dinosaur for "I am about to eat you"?

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Well it ain't gonna happen, buddy.

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: "I agree"! What do you mean "I agree"!

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: As in the "I will not eat you but defeat you 'I agree'"?

Coelophysis: ...

DVA: Yes? Whoa!

Darkseid: Coelophysis is the apparent victor of this match.

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How much did you enjoy Core Hunter vs. Coelophysis vs. Merlok 2.0 vs. Darth Vader's Apprentice?

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