Power Miners is a theme about a group of miners who are sent to investigate strange tremors below the earth. On the way, they find many friends named Rock Monsters who give them tasty Power Crystals. Eventually they make it to the Land of Lava and they all live happily ever after.

Eligible CharactersEdit

Characters are listed in relevant order. Double-bullet points are variants.

Good GuysEdit

Power MinersEdit

  • Duke
    • No Unibrow
    • Unibrow
    • Hair
    • Beard
    • Heat Armor
  • Rex
    • Unibrow
    • No Unibrow
    • Heat Armor - Unibrow
    • Heat Armor - No Unibrow
  • Brains
    • Original
    • Heat Armor
  • Doc
    • Original
    • Heat Armor

Bad GuysEdit

Rock MonstersEdit

  • Meltrox
  • Glaciator
  • Sulfurix
  • Firox
  • Boulderax
  • Tremorox
  • Geolix
  • Crystal King
  • Combustix
  • Firax
  • Infernox
  • Eruptorr

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