Pharaoh's Quest is a theme about how awesome Amset-Ra is and how the EVIL Jake Raines rained down on his awesomeness because he was jealous of awesome people. Then EVIL EVIL EVIL Jake Raines stole all of Amset-Ra's treasure and killed all of his minions because Jake Raines is EVIL and has an EVIL team of EVIL helpers.

Eligible CharactersEdit

Double-bullet points are variants.

Good GuysEdit


  • Professor Archibald Hale
  • Mac McCloud
    • Original
    • Biker
  • Jake Raines
    • Original
    • Pilot
  • Helena Skvalling

Bad GuysEdit


  • Amset-Ra
  • Mummy
  • Snake Charmer Mummy
  • Flying Mummy
  • Anubis Guard


  • Scarab
  • Cobra
  • Sphinx
  • Scorpion

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