What do minifigures eat? They can't eat anything without their noodle stand.


A worker was installing a noodle stand in the cafeteria.

Dr. Inferno: Noodles were Master Chen's favorite food.

Italian Dude: And he was a cultural investing noodle baron.

Chinese Dude: And now he's in a maximum security sarcophagus.

Swedish Banker: Master Chen took some money from my bank. He invested.

Worker: Is it an international party?

Italian Dude: If the noodles were from Italy, they would be cultural.

Chinese Dude: The noodles would have to be from China to be cultural.

Italian Dude: Wrong.

Chinese Dude: I'm from China, I should know!

Italian Dude: But you don't.

Terabyte walks in.


Gigglebyte: Are the Cap. Locks back? OH NO, NOT THE NAME CHANGING!!!!!

Italian Dude: It looks like the Cap. Locks might.

Dr. Inferno: I am leaving here. I can't stand you two bickering. Good bye.

Dr. Inferno leaves.

Swedish Banker: What two?

Worker: The noodle stand is ready.

Swedish Banker, Italian Dude, Chinese Dude, and Terabyte: Yummy.

Terabyte: *Sigh*. Perfect. I can eat some yummy noodles, and my name changing stopped. Let's hope it won't start up again for a very long time.

End Transmission.