What do minifigures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...


Squidman: Remember to disable your opponents first. Then gloat about your plan, and then try and win.

Frenzy: I'm not sure if that's th- OOH, Hot Dog!!!!!

Hot Dog Man: No!... AHHH!!!!

Frenzy chases Hot Dog Man around the cafeteria.

Squidman: Wait, I wasn't done giving you my pep talk!

Squidman starts chasing Frenzy. Frenzy notices something else and stops, Squidman crashing into him from behind.

Frenzy: Chicken... Tasty!!!!

Chicken Suit Man: Bawk? BAWK!!!!!

Frenzy begins chasing Chicken Suit Man. Squidman slowly sits up.

Squidman: If he doesn't want to win, he doesn't have to win. I was offering him FREE lessons from a masterful fighter, but NO, he doesn't want to-

Frenzy: Haddock and Salmon! Ooh!

Starts running towards Fisherman, who is behind Squidman. Then runs over Squidman.

Pharaoh Hotep and Queen Hypogirtis walk in.

Pharaoh Hotep: And so that's why I believe we should give out free Rubik's Cube's to the victors.

Queen Hypogirtis: (Referring to chaos in cafeteria) Do you not have any laws here?

Pharaoh Hotep: Uh... Blame Ogel.