What do minifigures eat? Well, they don't usually eat the food, they fight with it...


Invizable: I'm lucky I escaped, so I better not risk the Cafeteria, but I'm hungry, and I can't walk to Master Chen's, but I doubt they'd let me in after Lloyd... so I guess I have to risk it here.

Invizable goes to the Cafeteria

Guard 1: Caught ya!

Guard 2: Did you find a vial of poison in your steak?

Guard 1: No, you knuckle head!

Guard 2: I'm not a skeleton!

Guard 1: I don't mean that!

Commanding Guard: I see him now. Get him!

Guard 2: I don't see him.

Guard 1: I guess he used his Elemental Power.

Guard 2: He's an Elemental Master? Which one?

Guard 1: Invizable.

Guard 2: Don't try to revive the Laugh Track.

Guard 1: I'm not.

Guard 2: That's very literal.

Guard 1: So are you.

Guard 2: Now you're trying to revive it.

Guard 1: Let's have a food fight over it.

Interrupting their conversation, an alarm goes off.

Guards 1 and 2: That's not an Alarm Track!

Commanding Guard: Don't mind Invizable. Go to Amset Ra!

Guard 1: I guess our food fight will have to wait.

Invizable: Bye, bye.

To be continued in Pyramid Story 2.