What do mini-figures eat? Well, we might get around to that...


Lloyd Garmadon: Dad? I'm hungry. The HQ has no cafeteria so why don't we go to Master Chen's.

Sensei Garmadon: Do you think he'll let us in?

Lloyd: Maybe.

Seven hours later, the two arrive at Chen's Island Cafeteria.

Lloyd: Hi. May I please have some Creamy Biscuits?

Garmadon: Me too.

Krait the Cultist Cook: Sure.

Krait hands some Creamy Biscuits to Lloyd, but not Garmadon.

Garmadon: *Sighing*. Just like in the Tournament.

Lloyd: Don't worry Dad, I'll get some.

Krait: Not if you are banned from this cafeteria.

Lloyd: But we're not.

Krait: I hereby ban you from this cafeteria.

Garmadon: Come on, Son. Let's go find another cafeteria.