What do mini-figures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get to that around here...

The Skull Twins are reading a newspaper.

Skull Twin 1: Hey, check out this headline: Clutch Powers Asked to be Mascot of LEGO City Clutchers!

Skull Twin 2: Yeah, but that's not as good as this one: Axel Storm and Curtis Bolt Confirmed for New Galaxy Squad Yellow Team!

Skull Twin 1: You call that a headline? How 'bout this one: Mars Invaders Use New Crystal Tracker; Humans Overwhelmed!

Skull Twin 2: I'll try Commandosaur Secretly Likes Alien Conquest!

Commandosaur: NO I DON'T!

Pharaoh Hotep grabs Commandosaur and ties him to a chair... with chewing gum... that has already been chewed.

Commandosaur: Yuck!

Pharaoh Hotep: Thought so.

Skull Twin 1: Brick Daddy fined $50,000 for not facing the camera on the Lunar Limo box art!

Both Skull Twins: Wait a minute... THAT'S OUR BOSS!!!

Space Police Officer: Not anymore.

As the camera pans out, handcuffs and footsteps can be heard.