What do mini-figures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...  


Eruptor, Geolix and Tremorox are sitting at a table eating power crystals. Dr. Brains is sitting their too, also eating.

Tremorox: Tremor, emor-emor-emor trem. Tremor EMOR!

Eruptor: Erup! Erup-rup-rup! Tor-tor-tor!

Geolix: Geo? Lix Lix!?

Tremorox: Rox-emor! Trem-rox-emor emor-tremor!

Geolix: Geo! Lix Lix!

Eruptor: Erup. Erup erup, tor tor tor.

Dr. Brains: I think I'll go find my own table...

Tremorox: Tremor-em!

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