What do minifigures eat? Or more importantly, what do they love...

Frenzy: ...and that's why I love set number 1180-1!

Squidman: Frenzy, is this really necessary? I asked you for your favourite thing, and you've named... A lot of things.

Frenzy: Well why don't you COUNT THEM?!?!?!?!?!?!

Squidman: I don't know, maybe because I have better things to do!

A phone rings...

Squidman: Such as answering this phone call!

Answers phone.

Squidman: Hello, you've reached P. Squiddy of Squidman's Pit-Stop!

Sea-Tron Alien: Hello! You may remember us?

Squidman: No.

Sea-Tron Alien: We came in last week to get our shuttle fixed?

Squidman: Gack! How did you get this number?!?!

Sea-Tron Alien: It was on the business card you gave us.

Squidman: You mean the one that was meant to explode and force you to come back to my pit-stop, thereby giving me more money?

Sea-Tron Alien: No - Wait, what? You only gave me one business card!

An explosion can be heard through the phone's speaker.

Squidman: Wow, that was close! I thought I'd have to refund them for only making a temporary fix on their space ship.

Sea-Tron Alien: What?

Squidman: What!? I thought your ship blew up!

Sea-Tron Alien: No, that was just Dr. Cyber performing a science experiment.

Squidman shuts off the telephone.

Squidman: Okay, let's return to our previously scheduled Valentine's Day programming of "Frenzy drones on for hours about everything that he loves, and to what degree he loves each thing." In other news, there is now a petition to extend Valentine's Day for the purpose of actually allowing for our entire episode of "Frenzy drones on for hours about everything that he loves, and to what degree he loves each thing," to fit into a single day without creating holes in the space time continuum. Frenzy?

Frenzy: I also love Magical Hair!!!!!!!!!

Squidman: Are you planning to elaborate on that?

Frenzy: If YOU insist!

The End.

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