Lord Darkness: It is my Pleasssssure to inform you that the Janitor has been hired.

Nadakhan: You mean you have found Clancee?

Lord Darkness: I will not help you if you do not put on a better Italian accent.

Nadkhan: Ciao!

Lord Darkness: It appearsssssss that Flintlocke hassssssss been hired by Dr. Inferno.

Nadakhan: Andró alla mensa per andare a trovare Clancee. (I will go to the cafeteria to find Clancee.)


In the ARFP's Café...

Clancee: You, know, there is an area reserved for secret meetings over there.

Rose: We're just waiting for Commander Flash. Hey, why don't we just crack some jokes while we're waiting?

Jestro dumps his eggs on the cafeteria floor. Everyone else throws food at him, starting a massive food fight. Brawn falls out of his seat, slips on the eggs, and falls onto Streak and Hoodwink.

Clancee: Food fight!

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