What do minifigures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...


Emmet: ...and then I said, "What do you mean I owe you a dollar?".

Audience: Hahahaha!

Sue Montana: Alright, it's time for our next comedian. His name is...

Curtis Bolt: My name!

Sue Montana: That's true.

Curtis Bolt: So when do I tell my joke?

Sue Montana: Whenever you want.

Curtis Bolt: Knock knock.

Emmet: Oh, hold on, I'll get the door.

Emmet walks over to the door of the cafeteria and opens it.

Emmet: Hm. No one's here.

Sue Montana: That's strange. Alright, you can tell your joke now.

Curtis Bolt: Knock knock.

Emmet: Oh, someone else is at the door!

Emmet walks over to the door again, and opens the door again.

Emmet: Strange. This must be a magical disappearing door.

Sue Montana: Alright, let's get back on track. Tell your joke.

Curtis Bolt: KNOCK KNOCK!

Emmet: Yikes, there's an angry person at the door!


Emmet: How can innocent people being stuck on the other side of doors ever be funny?

Curtis Bolt: No one's knocking on the door! This is a knock knock joke!

Audience: Oh...

Sue Montana: Well, go ahead.

Curtis Bolt: Knock knock.

Emmet gets up, turns towards the door and then remembers that it's a joke.


Curtis Bolt: I haven't finished the joke yet.

Emmet: Oh.

Curtis Bolt: Knock knock.

Cricket cricket.

Curtis Bolt: Fine. I'll say the entire joke. Knock knock? Who's there. Curtis. Curtis who?

Emmet: Curtis Bolt!

Curtis Bolt: No, Curtis - Wait, never mind, it is Curtis Bolt.

Emmet: Is the joke over now?

Curtis Bolt: Yes.


Knock knock.

Audience: Groan... Not another joke...

Knock knock.

Emmet: I'm so excited for this joke!

Curtis Bolt: This time it's the door.

Emmet: The door can speak?!

Sue Montana opens the door. Sensei Wu is standing on the other side.

Sensei Wu: Have I come to the right place?

Sue Montana: What is the right place?

Sensei Wu: I'm looking for the comedy night that's being held in the cafeteria? The brochure said it would be "First-Come, First-Serve" in terms of seats.

Sue Montana: Come on in! You can meet all of the comedians we have here. There's Emmet, and Curtis, and K9-Bot...

Sensei Wu: You're entire audience is formed from comedians?

Sue Montana: All the others have gone missing.

Sensei Wu: Tell me about it!

K9-Bot: Why did the cat eat the mouse? Because it was jealous of the dog.

Sue Montana: Some day we'll find a good joke.

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