What do minifigures eat? Skreemers eat stuff, too. Lots of stuff...


Bansha, three Skreemers, and Pitch are the cafeteria.

Bansha: Don't eat, we're supposed to be plotting against the Fighting Pyramid!

Pitch: But the food here is so good! Even the Skreemers like it!

Bansha: The Skreemers will eat anything.

Pitch: Please, Banny. Just let me finish the best mango I've ever tasted, let one Skreemer finish its egg salad, let another Skreemer finish its strawberry ice cream, and let the final Skreemer finish its pork chops. Please, Banny, just let me and the Skreemers finish our scrumptious meals.

Bansha: Alright. Just if you don't call me Banny and we can conquer the Fighting Pyramid right after you're finished.

Pitch: Deal.

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