What do minifigures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...


The café is packed. The infamous Grundal enters.

Grundal: Happy lunch break... happy lunch break... may the dinner bell keep ringing... happy lunch break... to me!

Pippin Reed: What'll it be?

Grundal: I'll have a holly jolly Frenzy... and in case you didn't hear... oh, by golly, I'll have a holly jolly Frenzy... with fries!

Pippin faints.

Frenzy: Sorry, Grundal, but Frenzy-a-la-mode is off the menu today!

Grundal leaves.

In the surveillance room...

Amset-Ra: Good, Grundal left. If he had stayed a few seconds later, I would have Corona'd him.


Amset-Ra: Have yourself a merry little breakfast...

Dr. Inferno: Nooooo...

The end

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