First a food fight, and now a butcher knife fight. Will the fighting ever stop, and will they ever eat? Well, I guess it is the cafeteria of The "Fighting" Pyramid...


Amset Ra: What is taking so long? I'm starving for my chicken.

Chicken Suit Guy: Bock, Bock, BOOOCK!

Amset Ra follows the Chicken Suit Guy.

CSG: Booooooock!

Amset Ra: Stop... that... chicken!

The CSG goes to the kitchen.

Amset Ra: Hello, food.

Karate Master: Hi-ya!

Butcher: Delivering the chicken from Istanbul was more eventful than I thought.

Dr. Inferno: Moo ha ha ha ha!

Amset Ra: You sound like a drunk cow.

Dr. Inferno: Grrrr.

Amset Ra: And my turkey came from Istanbul?

Butcher: Istanbul's in Turkey, stupid!

Lloyd Garmadon: Did someone use my evil laugh?

CSG: No.

Karate Master: But The Laugh Track is in the garbage.

Lloyd: So someone did use my laugh.

Dr. Inferno: Stupid Karate Master! Score one for the Army of Random People.

Lloyd: That's a weird name.

Amset Ra: And you say stupid a lot, Dr. Inferno.

Dr. Inferno: So? It's not like it's that bad of a word.

Amset Ra: So CORONA!

Dr. Inferno: Ugh. I wish that was a Corona Track.

End Transmission.