What do mini-figures eat? Ha, like we'll ever get around to that here...


Emmet sits at a table, telling a story, while many others sit or stand around the table, laughing and smiling. At another table, Clutch Powers, Brick Masterson, Peg Mooring and Bernie von Beam sit and eat in general silence. Clutch looks over his shoulder at the amicable group around Emmet.

Clutch: Hate that guy. I mean, we saved the universe. What did he do? He got a brick stuck to his back!

Bernie: Vell, we didn't really save ze universe... More just a planet in ze universe.

Clutch: He didn't even have to be cool! What does he do for a living? Make buildings. I do cool stuff, like steal crystals!

Peg: And baby rock monsters...

Clutch: My movie came out in LEGO's prime! It was awesome!

Brick: His movie made LEGO's NEW prime...

Clutch: Come on, guys! You were in my movie too!

Peg: Exactly the point. It was YOUR movie. At least Emmet didn't name his movie after himself.

Clutch: But I'm so awesome!

Bernie: Zese hot dogs are very tasty.

Brick: I'm gonna go talk to Emmet.

Clutch: Me too.

Clutch and Brick leave for Emmet's table.

Bernie: His behaviour is very vweird.

Peg: It's been like that for a while now. You should get used to it.

Bernie: It just doesn't make any sense!

Peg: Good luck.

Peg leaves for Emmet's table as well.