Total number of batteries: 128. Battery type: AA.

–Battle Mech, Jek-14 vs. Battle Mech

Battle Mech is a valiant defender of all innocents throughout the galaxy. He uses many rocket attacks to defeat his opponents, and it appears he has a jet pack. His identity, however, is unknown, but the Space Police are looking into who built him... or is he an exo-suit?!

Battle Mech has a 0-1-1 record in Round 1 battles, resulting from a tie in Season 1 against Jek-14 and then a loss to him as well. In his 0-1 Round 2 record, he was once again defeated by Jek-14. Battle Mech along with Indominus Rex and Ronin, have never actually won a match.

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Season 1: Commandosaur