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This is the sixth battle of Season 1 and it was originally meant to be the last to be written on before the transfer to the new wiki. However, this wiki is now the permanent home of Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid.
Season 1, Round 1, Battle 6
Written by NexoByte
The Announcer

The Referee

The Predictor

The Red Corner
Astronaut Gunner
Astronaut Gunner
I know him. He's the announcer we had aboard Metalbeard's Sea Cow. I can't quite remember his name...

Nominated by Commandosaur
The Green Corner
Classic Alien
Classic Alien
My sci-fi movie just came to life! I need to take off those 3D glasses...

Nominated by Commandosaur
The Yellow Corner
We never received enough votes, so I voted myself in. Cheater? I think not.

Nominated by NexoByte (self-nominated)
The Blue Corner
Weight Lifter
Weight Lifter
This tough guy? I also voted him in.

Nominated by NexoByte (self-nominated)


Two hours before the battle...

Amset-Ra: Welcome to my Interview Show! Today I am interviewing Commandosaur.

Commandosaur: Hi!

Amset-Ra: So I hear you're a fan of the paranormal?

Commandosaur: Yup.

Amset-Ra: Who are you voting in tonight?

Commandosaur: Tonight's choices are Astronaut Gunner and Classic Alien.

Amset-Ra: (Mantizoid would probably be a better choice, but anything goes.) Good choices! Who are your favourite fighters?

Commandosaur: Anything that has to do with aliens, especially Mars Mission.

Amset-Ra: By the way, you can vote in the classic Mars Mission alien...

Commandosaur: But he already fought this season!

Amset-Ra: True, but not as the main fighter, so you can vote him in. Hope you enjoy the match.

Commandosaur: I hope you win.

Amset-Ra: But you just said you were rooting for any and all aliens!

Commandosaur: ...

The Battle!

Invizable: Welcome to the Fighting Pyr...

Amset-Ra: Ahem.

Invizable: AMSET-RA'S Fighting Pyramid. Since I won three weeks in a row...

Audience: WE KNOW!

Min-Droid: The voice is coming from the announcer's booth, but there's no one in there!

Jay: Great. Now they come in fun-sized?

General Cryptor: Yes, ninja. That's because he is invisible.

Min-Droid: I thought he was always Invizable.

General Cryptor: ...

Invizable: In the Red Corner is a guy from space. I have no clue who he is.

Astronaut Gunner: Surely you can give me a better intro than that?

Invizable: Surely. In the green corner is a phenomenon taken straight out of War of the Worlds... oh great, ANOTHER alien?!

Classic Alien: ...

Amset-Ra: You're mixing up your movies. And give us better introductions.

Invizable: In the yellow corner, our very own Amset-Ra!

Amset-Ra: Ahem.

Invizable: In the yellow corner is the one, the only, the best fighter ever, AMSET-RA!


Invizable: In the blue corner is the reeeeeeealy hefty Weight Lifter!

Weight Lifter: Unnngh... 30185... Unnngh... 30186... Unnngh... 30187...

Amset-Ra: How long have you been at that?

Weight Lifter: Unnngh... 30188... About 20 years... Unnngh...

Amset-Ra: That figures. The Minifigure of the Week is my father, Pharaoh Hotep!

Pharaoh Hotep: I should send my son on vacation... or to college... decisions, decisions...

Amset-Ra: The User of the Week is Jeyo, who worked for the Galaxy Squad Wiki.

Axel: I'll go for Weight Lif...

Amset-Ra: Ahem.

Axel: OK, OK! Amset-Ra!

Ogel: Fight!


Amset-Ra: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Who brought the gong in and let Ogel out of the dungeon?!

Classic Alien: ...

Amset-Ra: Mm-hmm. Thought so. Corona!


Classic Alien: ...!!

Weight Lifter: Unnngh...


Invizable: Wow! Amset-Ra and Weight Lifter are double-teaming Classic Alien!

Astronaut Gunner: Hey Alien! Gun fight!


Amset-Ra: Corona!

Astronaut Gunner: Blaster!



Astronaut Gunner: YAZIZIZIZIZIZ! Argh...

Dr. Inferno: Astronaut Gunner is out. And Ogel is back in jail.

Amset-Ra: Good! Yaziziziziz!

Classic Alien: ...

Weight Lifter: Unnnnngh!

Classic Alien: ...!!..!



Dr. Inferno: Ring-out on Weight Lifter and Classic Alien. Amset-Ra is the winner!


Invizable: Weight Lifter tried to throw Classic Alien out of the arena, but he bounced off the ropes and knocked them both out of the arena.

Axel: The moving trucks are here!

Amset-Ra: Just in time. I gotta go. End transmission.

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How much did you enjoy Astronaut Gunner vs. Classic Alien vs. Amset-Ra vs. Weight Lifter?

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