–AntiMatter, AntiMatter vs. Metalbeard

AntiMatter is an exteremely powerful Super Villain who attempted to turn innocent civilians into villains. He also kidnapped Solomon Blaze and tried to turn him into the ugliest villain ever, but his plan was thwarted by a couple of pesty agents. Don't you hate it when that happens?

AntiMatter identity is (SPOILERS!) Morgan Lux. He made an invention to remove all evil from the world. If he suceeded, I would be out of a job. Fortunately for all of us villains, the inventioned backfired, turning him into AntiMatter, who went on an uncontrollable villainizing spree.

AntiMatter is a force to be reckoned with at the Fighting Pyramid. He reached Round 3 twice, but was turned away from the door both times by one of his henchmen. In Season 1, after he easily defeated Benny, a miscalculation gave his next opponent Metalbeard the next win. He advanced to Round 2, where he was responsible for defeating Metalbeard, Amset-Ra and T-Rex. AntiMatter then defeated Alien in the Round 2 Finals, but was defeated by the Invisible Man in the third round.

AntiMatter made a brilliant return in Season 2, defeating Alien Commander and Meca One but got smashed by Sauron the very next match. His Round 2 match was much better though, as he soundly beat Lord Vampyre, Terabyte, and Darth Maul. However, in Round 3, Toxikita overthrew him, thus eliminating him from the season. He is expexted to get many more victories in upcoming seasons.

Voted in by:Edit

Season 1: Punctuation Penguin and Boogly22238

Season 2: NexoByte

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