Don't worry. Your service was not vain. However... YOURS WAS!

–Alien Commander, Invizable vs. Cole vs. Alien Commander

Alien Commander is one of several commanders within the Phoban Army. He believes in equality and fairness, which may be why he lost his only fight so far. Two Alien Commanders also assisted the Alien Queen in her battle, but they were also unsuccessful.

Alien Commander started out poorly, having been defeated in Season 1 by Invizable in the first round.

But in Season 2, he defeated Kylo Ren, but lost to AntiMatter. In his Round 2 debut, Alien Commander managed to beat out a tough competition of Bard, Fluminox, and Alpha Draconis, only to lose to Toxikita in Round 3.

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Season 1: Commandosaur

Season 2: Commandosaur