Uh... What do I do?

–Alien, Jek-14 vs. Alien vs. Unikitty

Alien was an underdog from the beginning, but he still beat the Hot Dog Man. He has also been in a bit of trouble with Queen Hypogyrtis lately... Something about stealing an armada... Yikes. Best not get involved there.

Alien's 3-1 record is incredible, all things considered, and started because he was somehow able to defeat Unikitty, Jek-14, and the Hot Dog Man in Season 1, but Wyldstyle proved to strong for him. In Round 2 he defeated Lord Garmadon, but AntiMatter was a bully and knocked him out before he reached the third round. Then he instantly lost to Toxikita in Season 2. You will be remembered, Alien. Mark my words.

Oh, and I hear Alien has a grudge against toxic women, as he lost to one in Season 2.

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Season 1: Commandosaur

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