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• 7/7/2018

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• 3/1/2017

Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards 2.0!

Welcome to the new, fan-made, fan-managed, unofficial LEGO Message Boards! The rules on the original LEGO Message Boards apply here.
Stay On Topic
No Spamming
Be Friendly to Other Users
Have Fun!
If you have any questions or otherwise want to contact me, you can contact me on my Message Wall.
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• 2/9/2017

Announcing LEGO Message Boards 2.0!

Some of you may have heard that on March 6, the LEGO Message Boards will be discontinued. What a shame. Where will all those users go now?
That's why I would like to announce LEGO Message Boards 2.0! Sure, it won't be the same, but at least I have zero plans whatsoever to discontinue it. There, you can have cafes, roleplays, stories, and good old pep talks! :P
LEGO Message Boards 2.0 will be created on March 1.
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• 9/3/2016

ARFP Animated Series?

There are many animated series out there, including Sonic Boom, all those LEGO shows, all those Disney-Pixar movies, and much more. But what if there was an animated series based on our wiki's battles?
I can perfectly imagine some of the scenes we might see, such as Amset-Ra corona-ing Ogel through the roof, Rose riding her bike down the hall, and many more.
Sure, it would take many years, but I thought it would be a fun idea.
What ideas do you have? What voices do you think you're capable of doing?
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• 12/31/2015

Happy 1st anniversary, ARFP!

We've had an action-packed year during 2015. We saw almost two whole seasons, incompetent minifigures, and running jokes, such as the holiest Tee-Vee, people spelling Alien Queen's name wrong, and FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May Amset-Ra's Fighting Pyramid live on for another great year.
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• 12/1/2015

Some Structural Changes

With the recent fix of the category pages as inspiration, i've put together a list of some other things that could be done to make the wiki a tad more neat.
-Remove "Organisation" as a section header under "Popular Pages"
-Remove "Fighter Rankings" from the "Fighters" category
-Create a designated order for categories on fighter pages (( Fighters | Theme | Seasons ))
-Changes to Character Nomination? (These are all just strange ideas I've had)
---A calendar for licensed themes? Eg. Star Wars can be nominated during May, Marvel/June, Harry Potter/July, etc. ?
---Add Castle to the Theme list?
-New, ready-made, customized info boxes.
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• 11/17/2015

The TARDIS: Who Are They?

Do you think you can find the identities of each of the TARDIS members by the end of the season?
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• 8/31/2015

Pyramid Checklist

In order to make this pyramid a better place, here are some tasks that need to be completed.
Several fighters (mostly unranked) need pictures and descriptions.
That's all for now. This will be updated as needed.
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• 8/23/2015

Nexo Knights 2016

Some of you may have heard about the upcoming Nexo Knights theme. It will be a fantasy series following five Knights who are battling Jestro and his army of monsters. There will be at least 12 sets: 6 normal and 6 boosters. The set list can be provided upon request.
What are your thoughts on this upcoming theme?
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